Marvin Actions

California law doesn’t recognize common law marriages and/or relationships where people lived together for long periods of time, so actions regarding these kinds of relationships cannot be brought in the family courts. People however who were living in these situations, or even shorter term relationships, can bring an action in a Sonoma County┬ácivil court under contract or other similar legal theories. When bringing a Marvin action, a person alleges that they entered into an agreement with the person they were living with to share in assets and/or support each other. This agreement can either be an express agreement or implied by their actions.

If a court finds there was such an agreement, it can divide property similar to in a divorce, where property acquired during the partnership is split equally and property acquired before it is returned to the original owner. It may also award compensation for specific actions taken in furtherance of the partnership such as buying property and support in furthering the other person’s career.

Because these actions are based on complicated theories of contract and the underlying agreements are rarely written contracts covering every aspect of the relationship, the advice of an attorney is vital to ensuring the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Proof will largely be based on hearsay and what can be implied by the actions of the partners, so a strong legal foundation must be made for a successful recovery.

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